About Us

Australiaswimwear.com is an online swimwear store focused on women swimwear and beachwear. Our swimsuits are carefully selected from designers we strongly believe in. With our swimwear collections expanding year after year, we strive to cater to women of all body types while adding beachwear that compliments our swim silhouettes.We collect over 6000+ styles swimsuits for you.
With thousands of affordable products lines, our buyers share our passion for vintage and modern with their total commitment to procuring the very best in showcase clothing and accessories at the most competitive prices.

Australiaswimwear.com provides only the best quality swimwear for women. We select materials with utmost care and make every product with love.We offer a comprehensive 7 days return warranty.

Swimwear especially needs to fit, and separates makes it easier to find the perfect top and bottom combination that fits their body type, personality, and sense of style. Selling swimwear as separates is a must as it builds on the opportunity to mix and match the pieces to ensure every woman feels sexy and confident in their favorite swim tops and bottoms. With swimwear separates the opportunities to create a custom summer look are endless. We want our customers to look forward to wearing their swimwear, and swimwear separates ensure the customer has the option to select a well fitting top and bottom that she will love wearing in her outdoor pursuits.

Our swim ranges from leisure swimwear with a focus on luxury silhouettes that can be worn while traveling to the most exotic beaches and places around the world, to swimwear styles that work for an active lifestyle while remaining fashion-forward.